Professional Mix-Master
for your Hip Hop tracks

Specialised for hip hop and provide you professional aftertouch for your songs

100% money payback guarantee

Professional quality equipments

Unlimited revisions

I’m working on musics for over 10 years and I’ve been making a living out of it for more than 5 years by now.
I was working just for the Hungarian market but now I’m spreading my mixing and mastering services all around the whole world.

Also, I’ve been working with a world wild company called Got Cheer Music since 2018 as a producer, mixing engineer.

Some of the benefits you’ll get from me:

  • I’ll work on your song until it’s 100% ready to realease
  • I’ll do my best to make your song sound as outstanding as possible
  • You’ll get 100% money payback guarantee, if you wouldn’t like the end result
  • There aren’t any extra cost during the process, no matter how many hours it takes to finish the track

Why do you need mix-master?

It’s coded into us that we immediately find louder songs better. If the listener clicks on your music after several othet tracks and find your’s quieter, he very often moves on to the next one immediately. 

With the appropriate tools for each situations, I can make your tracks as loud, or if you ask for it, even louder than your competititors’ projects without any distortion or any other audible side effect, by increasing the precieved loudness of your songs.

You must be familiar with the annoying situation when you have to constantly adjust the volume due to excessive volume fluctuations. This is the result of excessive dynamics, which I can pull back with my compressors, limiters and many other types of tools, until it’s in the perfect dynamics range. (If necessary, I also adjust the volume level manually for a better end resoult.)

Some tracks have less dynamics than needed even when my clients just sending out their project for mixing and/or mastering. In this situations there are several ways to fix it, with long attack time compressors, transient designers, gates, expanders for example.

Everyone would much rather listen to an enjoyable tone than an unpleasant one. Although this also depends on the performer, I can achieve a drastic change with the right follow-up work. I’ll clean up the freqency range and I’ll make sure every audio fits into the mix and the most important tracks have their advantages in the spotlight

Almost every time, the microphone, the acoustics, and the instruments produce resonant frequencies that hurt the listeners’ ears. (Many times the listener is not aware of it, they just feel that something is not right.) I also take care to remove these from the recording, so the audience can listen to it comfortably, even on cheap systems.

I always make sure not to remove every little peaks, because then I’d kill the characteristics of the track. We’ll find the perfect balance 😉

It’s very important to reduce various background noises in order to enjoy the end result. This can be a problem if your recording equipments and enviroment aren’t optimal. I feel the need to emphasize that I also pay attention to the breaths and turn them down manually if they are even a little too loud.

Not only must monocompatibility be ensured during post-production (the left and right sides can cancel each other out easily, this is called phase cancellation), but the end result must be both understandable and enjoyable, whether we listen to it on a phone, headphones, car or hi-fi.

I listen to all my mixes in many different systems before I send it out to make sure the song sounds great everywhere.

Radio, robotic, horroristic sound? Auto-tune? Manual tuning? Harmonies? Maybe something else? I provide tons of extras I’ve learned during the years!


$89 – $99


$39 – $49

This pack includes everything you need, if you want a 360°, high quality mix-master for your song.

$99 – $119

You can save up to $49

What's the exact method?

  1. You contact me, send the song and the informations about your music. The more info the better! Reference tracks help a lot as well. One of the easiest ways for it is to use this contact form.
  2. I answer for you in 16 hours and make soure everything is clear, I’ll ask more questions if needed, I’ll tell the deadline, when the first version will be ready and I’ll tell you the exact price. (The price depends on the quality of the project and the amount of the audio tracks.)
  3. If we agree on the parameters, I send you an invoice, and when you balance it out, I start mixing your song immediately.
  4. I send you the first version the day we agreed on, or the days before it (I usually finish it before the deadline).
  5. You tell me what you like and what you don’t.
  6. I do the revisions you told me and I send it back to you.
  7. We do it back and forth until the track is done.
  8. That’s it!

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